Tips for Long-lasting Knee

Knee pain, a common issue for the aged generation can occur due to an injury or an underlying condition such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. If not under proper care and exercise is conducted a minor pain can become a major one which can even lead to a knee replacement. Here are some tips for a healthy and long-lasting knee that can postpone your knee problems or finish them completely.  


A flexible body is a major content for a healthy life. In order for your knees to last longer, strengthen your thigh muscles which improve range of motion, prevents knee cartilage, and reduces stress on the knees. Develop a habit of doing squats and lunges at a young age for a long-lasting healthy knee as said by adults ‘you reap what you sow’. 

Healthy weight and diet

Being under or overweight can be troublesome in the long run. In order for a healthy weight avoid eating junk and unhygienic food. With every increasing pound of weight, there is a four or more pound of increased pressure on your knees. Try getting your body mass index in a healthy range as this can avoid pressure on the knees. 

Body movement

Since childhood, we have been fed with saying for being physically active. So try making a routine for at least walking 7000-8000 steps and climbing at least six floors every single day. It helps to maintain joint function, including strength and range of motion in the knees. Else your bones get stiffer by every passing day. You may have even heard running increases your pain in the knees. Well this notion is false to some extent. Try not running on successive days as our body becomes slow at recovering as our age increases. 

Body posture

Again an important point to keep in mind. Make sure to stand straight with your head high and inclined to the rest of the body as people getting old often slouch or get more stooped. As the wrong posture changes your body’s center of gravity causing an increase in pressure on knees which can later cause pain on your knees. 

The right choice of shoes

Making an appropriate choice of shoes is essential whether it being for a walk or running or everyday activity. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and light and satisfy your needs. As accurate shoes promote proper alignment of the joints in your lower extremities as you move. Choose shoes that fit according to your activity, for example, running shoes for running, hiking shoes for hiking, etc.  

In case the pain is long-lasting, first, consult your doctor for advice as some exercises can even further your pain depending upon the conditions. 


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