What are the different types of Hip Replacement Surgery ?

Total Hip Replacement Surgery involves a change of both Femoral head & neck, and Acetabular socket. There are several bearing options which are available depending on the patient requirements. Common Bearing Options include, – Metal on Polyethylene/ Ceramic on Polyethylene/ Ceramic on Ceramic. Partial hip replacement involves a change of […]

What precautions I need to take, and for how long ?

The most important of all, are the precautions to be taken by the patient himself. Dislocation of the new joint is a potential risk. extreme of movements should be avoided under all circumstances. The soft tissue healing takes approximately 6 weeks, however, if the hip joint is structurally unstable, or[…..]

What are the chances that I will need a repeat surgery in future ?

The typical longevity of a Hip replacement depends upon- quality of bone/ level of physical activity/ Age/ body weight/ technique of surgery. Most hip replacements survive an average of 15-20 years. However, a large number of variables affecting longevity prevents accurate survival analysis. Individual patient assessment should be done carefully,[…..]

How much time do I need to stay in Hospital and how much time off work ?

As regards hospital stay, the usual duration is 1 week. The timing of going back to previous level of activity depends upon the type of Hip replacement – Cemented/ Un-cemented; and the quality of bone stock. Usually patients may resume office and sedentary work after 4-6 weeks.

Will the pain go after surgery ?

After a hip replacement, the pain due to arthritis usually subsides in 4-6 weeks. Thereafter, there may be occasional reminders of pain after unaccustomed activity. If however, the pain re-appears after a prolonged pain free period; or the pain tends to worsen progressively, there is a definite cause for concern.[…..]

What should I avoid to protect my new artificial joint?

You should not sit on a floor. You may sit cross legged, but on a bed or a surface which is at a higher level than the floor. Frequently Ask Question About Total HIP Replacement

What games or sports can I play?

You may play golf, walk briskly or swim. Light weight lifting is Allowed.

When can I travel?

You can take short flight, 4 days post surgery, long flight can take post 15 days.

When can I resume my day to day activities after TKR?

Your progress after going home will be as rough as follows:- — After going home on the 4th day after surgery you will be advised to walk in the house for 4-5 times a day. — The stitches on the operative wound will be removed 14-16 days after surgery. —[…..]

Is TKR Operation painful? How long will the pain last?

This Operation is as painful as any other operation. Your pain will be kept under control by a team of pain management consultants (anaesthetists) with the help of oral or intravenous medicines. On special occasions nerve blocks will be used to reduce the pain.

How many days do i spend in the Hospital in case of Total Knee Replacement?

For single Knee Replacement you’ll have to spend minimum of 4 days in the hospital.

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