Do’s and Don’ts after knee replacement

Recovering from knee replacement surgery can be challenging, especially without the help of friends and family members. For many people, the first few days at home are the most difficult. The person you’re caring for is likely to be tired and in pain. They may be frustrated or scared because it’s difficult for them to get around and do things on their own. This is when you’re most needed. It’s important to be patient with your loved one as you adapt to your new role. Here are 10 things you can do to help make this transition smooth.

Start with the basics

Preparing the home ahead of time can help ensure a smooth recovery. For example, you may wish to set up a recovery room on the first floor. This room should house anything you may need, including:

  • pillows for elevation of the lower leg
  • bedside commode or urinal if the bathroom isn’t accessible
  • bed that isn’t too high or low off of the ground
  • ice packs for the knee
  • a telephone or cellphone (with charger) to call for help
  • medications that are easily accessible, neatly arranged, and easily identifiable
  • walker or crutches
  • writing materials to take notes or list questions for your loved one’s healthcare team


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