About Dr. Ranat R. Vishnoi

  • Qualifications:
    MS Ortho., Mch Ortho (UK), FHKA (NHS, South Yorkshire), FMC (University College, London)
  • Specialisation:
    Knee & Hip Replacement, Bone Tumour Surgeries, Revision of any previous failed surgery, Orthopaedic & Sports Trauma, Paediatric Deformity Correction, Spine Disorders, Complex Surgeries.

Dr. Ranat R. Vishnoi with 13 years of clinical experience and over 9 years of surgical experience in all sub-specialities of Orthopaedics has performed thousands of successful surgeries including deformity correction in children’s to patient as old as over 104 years (hip replacement). Dr. Vishnoi has a vast experience of working in both public and private sector in India like AIIMS New Delhi, SMS Hospital Jaipur, Escorts Fortis of Jaipur, Shalby Hospital Ahmedabad and number of other hospitals. He has also studied and worked in prestigious institutions of Great Britain. While in London he had worked in Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital of London which is the largest orthopaedic hospital of UK and is regarded as leader in field of orthopaedics. Dr Vishnoi completed his super specialisation from Ninewells Hospital of Scotland which was ranked no. 1 in medical college of whole United Kingdom. He has also worked in Barnsley Hospital of South Yorkshire which is a 500 bed hospital under National Health Services of England. He has worked hand in hand with stalwarts of orthopaedics and in many prestigious institutions. During his enormous surgical experience he has used conventional techniques to advanced computer-navigated robotic surgery for Hip and Knee replacement and even some patented techniques from particular surgeons. He is amongst the very few successful Orthopaedic Surgeons around the world who fulfilled the requirement of the GMC Postgraduate Board and Joint committee on intercollegiate examinations (JCIE) and was crowned with prestigious super-specialization degree from Great Britain accredited by The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) of England, which is famous for their highest standards of education in surgery care for patients.

Dr. Vishnoi has many degrees and professional courses under his name. He has been invited and participated actively as faculty and as podium presenter in many National and International conferences, courses, and workshops. As a faculty he has taught many post-graduate doctors and under graduate medical students in his career, who are now excelling in their field and respective cities. His contribution in medical field has been awarded and recognised by many associations. As a researcher he has published research projects under his name in India and abroad including two dissertations. Dr Vishnoi strongly believes in serving humanity and his commitments towards society for which he despite, having an opportunity of working and live in England he came back to his native place Jaipur, Rajasthan. He has keenly participated in charity and has seen more than 10,000 patients for free in many camps and with many social organisations. Every month he offers free consultation and treatment for dozens of needy patients in his clinic.


  • First surgeon in world to perform successful complex hip replacement on patient more than 104 year old.
  • First surgeon to perform stich-less technique in total knee replacement in Rajasthan.
  • First surgeon from Rajasthan to get a fellowship award after completion super-specialization in England.
  • Vast experience of working in UK and in private & public Sector in India.
  • Amongst the top bright students to obtain honours in Microbiology during his college times.
  • Double masters in Orthopaedics.
  • Has two Research under his name with many podium presentations.
  • As faculty has taught many Postgraduate and Undergraduate doctors.
  • Recognised and affiliated by many associations and surgeons in India and abroad.